A Sentimental Journey
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Paul Keen

My interest in music overwhelmed me from early childhood.  In college I majored in Music Performance.  My college credentials opened up many teaching opportunities.  I logged classroom instructor experience by conducting musical clinics and master classes at the University of Wisconsin, S.W. Missouri State, Iowa State University and Michigan State University.
I have always loved performance and while still in Junior College, I played my first Los Angeles studio recording session for Hanna-Barbara Studios.  By the time I had graduated, my performance career was launched.  As a studio musician I was a good fit for television and movie recording session.  I am on the soundtrack for 147 motion pictures, 1200 cartoon episodes and several television shows and record albums. 
I am fortunate to have played with high-caliber bandleaders such as Buddy Rich, Louis Bellson, Don Ellis and the Stan Kenton Neophonic Orchestra.  In addition, for several years I toured as the musical director for Holiday on Ice. 
Currently, I perform with, or am an alternate musician for Fair Haven Ministries "Horns of Power", Bella Vista Church, The Grand Rapids Symphonic Band and The River Rogues Jazz Band.
I play Trombone and Tuba
"A Sentimental Journey".  

Life is "A Sentimental Journey"