A Sentimental Journey
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A philosopher once said; "You take all the guns, give me all the Ballads and I'll rule the World!"
"A Sentimental Journey" is the quintessential easy listening, fun-provoking, dance-stirring & memory-building musical ensemble.  Our play list includes soft jazz, a smattering of Dixieland jazz, nostalgic ballads and swing favorites that span many generations.  
The environment might be fine dining, the glitz of a corporate gala, a wedding, a festival or a private party in the home of a West Michigan dignitary.. "A Sentimental Journey"  is the key component to the memory. 
To appreciate the diverse musical flexibility of "A Sentimental Journey", review the credentials of each band member by name.  Use the navigation bar at the top of Home Page.

For Booking Information and Date Availability Contact:

Jim Everhart

Ph. 616-304-4417 or e-mail melody@asentimentaljourney.org

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A Sentimental Journey
Grand Rapids, Michigan

Life is "A Sentimental Journey"